A Perfect Blindness—a Novel

A Rock’n’Roll Fantasy

“Littered with cigarette butts, vodka bottles, and a dead body, A Perfect Blindness is a grunge rock fantasy[,] an escape story ideal for those who still live out their rock star dreams whenever they close their eyes.”

—Clarion Review

“smartly written and sharply atmospheric— a worthy […] addition to the literature of rock ‘n’ roll’s agony and ecstasy.”

—Blue Ink

“[…] Hunt successfully conjures the story’s time and a place in masterful detail.”

—Kirkus Reviews

All Jonathan has ever wanted is to play rock ’n’ roll: performing is the only time he feels truly alive. But no one can do it all alone.

Joining him on his quest for musical salvation is the dangerously driven guitarist Scott who harbors a past he refuses to see clearly, and Jennifer, a junior executive at a modeling agency, who views all of life through the lens of a camera.

Yet the very talent and drive that brings the three together in Chicago and to the brink of rock’n’roll deliverance soon threatens everything they’ve accomplished. And consequences quickly turn dire.

If you like authentic stories of tough people, gutting it out against the odds, of artists having to make agonizing choices, you’ll love A Perfect Blindness. Grab your front row seat to the best show in literature today.

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Critics continue:

Littered with cigarette butts, vodka bottles, and a dead body, A Perfect Blindness is a grunge rock fantasy. With its operatic sense of drama, it is an escape story ideal for those who still live out their rock star dreams whenever they close their eyes.

—Forward Clarion Reviews (read the complete review here>>>)

Hunt writes in a dense, passionate prose that strives to enliven everything it touches.

An expansive historical novel that ably evokes its time and place.

—Kirkus Reviews (read the complete review here>>>)

This vivid look at Chicago’s delusion-driven electro-industrial music scene in the late 1980s showcases W. Lance Hunt’s gift for capturing the era’s often foolish dreams and grungy realities.

As the band rises on a fusion of euro-club danceability tinged with post-punk attitude, Hunt’s tireless, Jagermeister-fueled nightcrawlers give us a complete tour of North Side rock clubs in the ’80s—and of their own failings.

The triple view works well here, particularly as the characters’ dark secrets and motives become apparent.

Only Jennifer seems to grasp the friends’ common crisis of identity. “Who we really are hangs someplace between all the stories, suspended in the contradictions.”

—Blue Ink (read the complete review here>>>)

“Then turn me into a song. Or three. Preserve me. Preserve us.” These words would soon change everything. For all of us.

Amazon Readers give it

Amazon 5 Star 1037x2004.7 out of 5 stars  

This is a human adventure with all the elements of a great read.  (Read full comments here >>>>)

If you enjoyed Less than Zero and Rules of Attraction (Read full comments here >>>>)

Because we’re all misunderstood characters in the stories other people tell themselves.

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