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An interactive playlist of all the music in A Perfect Blindnessā€”150 plus tracks, bands and albums, heavy on Wax Trax favs like A Split Second and Front 242, goth stalwarts like Sisters of Mercy and Joy Division and slews of other tracks from the late 80s underground dance scene. Links to YouTube, 8Track, Spotify and Apple Music playlist to hear it all.

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    ā€œA generous shot of chilled nostalgia.ā€

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    What you get:

    An interactive list of every band, song, disk or label references in A Perfect Blindness. A way to show off what you know, what you found (with excerpts), and links to the playlist on Spotify, Apple Music, 8tracks radio and YouTube, so you can listen along or watch all the swoop hair styles and shoulder pads.

    What is it all about?

    There are over 150 references to bands, songs, disks and labels in A Perfect Blindness, most from the late 80s underground dance scene. This provides the soundtrack to three friends trying to make it in the music industry as they learn that self-deception is the most treacherous lie of all.