“Then turn me into a song. Or three. Preserve me. Preserve us.” These words would soon change everything. For all of us.

“Who we really are hangs someplace between all the stories, suspended in the contradictions.”

In the telling of their own interlocking stories, two friends and the lover of one reveal a greater, more complex story of passion, music and self-deception. Set in Chicago of late 1980s and early 1990s, the city and its music scene become nearly as much of a character as the human protagonists.

The Early Reviews are in:

Amazon 5 Star 1037x2005.0 out of 5 stars  

This book is the perfect I can’t put it down story from the beginning to the spell binding & startling end.

Available in Softcover and as ebooks on Kindle & Nook: 

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And through Apple at iBooks:

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5 thoughts

    1. Will Do. You can sign up for updates by clicking on the red “Join Now” button above. About one a month, weekly as the launch approaches, you’ll get an update on what is happening. The first thing as a special custom edited sample of from each of the three protagonists point of view. It’s 18 pages—a taste of story.


    2. Awaiting the galley proof right now. All content improved. Next step approve the final version, and it will be live around the world. Anticipating first week of May. Updates as I know.


    3. The soft cover version is now available on iUniverse. Full information will propagate across other platforms (B&N and Amazon specifically) in the next 6-8 weeks—seems it does this in bits and pieces. I have to mind that. The ebook versions will be available in 3-4 weeks. Not sure if that’s AFTER the 6-8, or simultaneously. I’m in the process of adding content here, including more playlists, location in formation, and info about Mercurial Visions, the band from the book.


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