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W. Lance Hunt in the Media


Deceiving Ourselves: the Costs of Ambition in A Perfect Blindness

In this print interview with Moresby Press, Greg Beaubien asks the author: CAN YOU SEE THE TRUTH ABOUT YOURSELF? “In W. Lance Hunt’s debut novel A Perfect Blindness, ambitious young musicians don’t recognize their true motivations and hurtle toward disaster as a result.”


Making It Seem Real: Fashioning Fiction From Real Life

In this Podcast from Radio Free Brooklyn, Vijay Rnathan from the Truth to Power shows sits down with the author and talk about his creative process. Then, they discuss the nature of truth when everyone is just a misunderstood character in the stories we all tell ourselves. Plus hear a great cuts from the Boomtown Rats “Diamond Smiles” & a hit for Book of Love “Pretty Boys and Pretty Girls”.

Chat and Spin Radio interview 5/3/20

Trimmed down to just my part, enjoy—

Chat and Spin Radio
May 3rd Interview on Chat and Spin Radio, UK
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