About W. Lance Hunt

     Before all else, I’m a builder of worlds and a teller of tales, and I’ve returned to Fantasy as my genre. Using words to sculpt experience, I guide the adventurous on journeys through distant worlds. There, I dive to the heart of being human, from the pure to the debased, from the glorious to the wretched, and all those who enjoy an intermediary existence between.

Why return to fantasy?

     Because fantasy frees us. Fantasy evades assumptions about our world, loosens the patina on our minds, and lets us see things afresh—it allows new light to pour in through the cracks in our old certainties, and reveals the hidden just below the surface. And there, novel ideas and new perspectives bloom, which we might then harvest to feed our real-life selves.

I am someone who has always loved getting lost in fantastic worlds, discovering secrets and hidden things. I enjoy sharing what I discover, exchanging ideas, teaching and being taught.  I am also a collector of street art and a sommelier who likes to try new bottles. 

     And most of all, I look forward to sharing everything with you.

The Deeper past

Army Brat

The son of a military officer, the to be writer W. Lance Hunt moved around a great deal when he was young, thirteen times by his ninth birthday. It started with several apartments around The Ohio State University, then to off to Clarksville Tennessee. Then came a transatlantic move, first to Frankfurt and then Stuttgart in what was West Germany. Finally, he settling down in Worthington, OH, most of the time.

The Ohio State University

While getting concurrent BA and BS degrees in Classical Humanities and Psychology at The Ohio State University, Mr. Hunt worked as a roadie, and ran lights and sound for the cover-band Kax (pronounced like “axe”).


Soon after graduating, he moved to Chicago to pursue writing. Several of his short stories from these early days in Chicago won honors and commendations in both the US and the UK.


Then in 1990, he co-founded and ran the Rudely Elegant Theater in the edgy Wicker Park neighborhood, where he co-wrote and produced the long running play Barbie: The Fantasies.

But Urbus Orbis, the coffee shop above the small theater, didn’t care for the comedy—too much laughter disrupted business. The owner, seeing people bringing beer to the sold-out shows, concocted false accusations of illegal alcohol sales, and the city closed it down.

Film, Video and Music

Undaunted, he moved onto Loxley Hall Productions, an educational film company, where he quickly rose to assistant producer. There, he accumulated several industry awards for educational videos, as well as working on music, and music video projects with the company’s founder. Their short film There’s no Such Thing as a Chanukah Bush, Sandy Goldstein, won the 1998 Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Children’s Programing, as well as 5 international film awards.

Mexico City

Mr. Hunt then decided to turn his energy toward writing again, and took a six-month sabbatical in Mexico City where he began work on a novel that would eventually become A Perfect Blindness.

New York City

he moved to New York City and earned his Master of Arts in English at CCNY. While in school, he gave readings around New York City, including at KGB Bar.

Writer W. Lance Hunt speaks at KGB Bar in New York City.
Writer W. Lance Hunt speaks at KGB Bar in New York City.

After turns at Moving.com as a content editor and City College New York teaching expository writing,  he wrote “The Wine Hunter” column for vino.com, drawing on his work as a sommelier at a French restaurant in Manhattan.

Today: Brooklyn

W. Lance Hunt now works as a freelance writer and editor, living in Brooklyn with his wife and son. Here he wrote and published

A Perfect Blindness:
A Gritty Rock’n’Roll Tale

Now, he works on One Candle in the Darkness, his blog, and is writing a high fantasy series:

The Book of Visions

When a divorced father of two in Brooklyn stumbles into a world of shadowy magic and devoted followers of wrathful gods and legendary heroes, it’s all this modern man can do to simply survive. When he discovers he’s the key to stopping a fabled book from reigniting an ancient war, which threatens not only this world, but his home on Earth, he must reach deep inside himself to unravel its secrets and save his whole family, with or without the help of the secretive Order of the Way.

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