About W. Lance Hunt

     W. Lance Hunt is an award-winning short story author, novelist, and popular live reader in NYC. His “smartly written and sharply atmospheric” (—Blue Ink) writing that “successfully conjures the story’s time and place in masterful detail” (—Kirkus Reviews), has enlivened short stories of Mexico City, novels set in Chicago, Ohio, and NYC, as well as in a new Fantasy Series set in another world. The variety of locations comes as no surprise as he grew up an Army Brat, moving 13 times by his 9th birthday, including between two states and two countries. Now, he’s settled in Brooklyn, NY with his wife and son, where he writes High Fantasy and puts his sommelier certification to good use sharing notes on good, bad, and simply serviceable wine. That and shares street art collected from around the world. 

For a private reading, snag your own copy of Selecting Ourselves right below. In this audiobook he reads from a collection of stories. Just for you. Or anyone you share them with.  

Snag Selecting Ourselves right below

Writer W. Lance Hunt speaks at KGB Bar in New York City.
Writer W. Lance Hunt giving a reading at KGB Bar in New York City.

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