The Book of Visions

The Book of Visions

When a divorced father of two from Brooklyn stumbles into a world of shadowy magic and devoted followers of wrathful gods and legendary heroes, it’s all this modern man can do to simply survive. When he discovers he’s the key to stopping a fabled book from reigniting an ancient war, which threatens not only this world, but his home on Earth, he must reach deep inside himself to unravel its secrets and save his whole family, with or without the help of the secretive Order of the Way.

Walking the Darkmaker's Way

Walking the Darkmaker's Way is the sibling-prequel to The Book of Visions, following a single day in the life of the Wanderer of the Way, Menno, when he accidentally crosses paths with Gary. The events of that evening intertwine the lives of these strangers from different worlds: The fate of each depending on the other, the Hunter and the Hunted, the Seekers and the Sought. And for both, their destinies lay with the fabled Book of Visions.

Currently, Revisions are afoot for the Book of Visions soon after, for Walking the Darkmaker's Way, the sibling prequel. And I'm hoping to find a few Alpha Readers for early feedback and help in shaping the final version of the books. If you want to help with that, let me know. Drop me a line through the contact form below.

Or if you just want a taste of Chapter 1: Roonian Town and the Teacher: Walking the Darkmaker's Way March revision

Better yet, go to the private FaceBook group just for Beta Readers of The Book of Visions.

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