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When Scott and Jonathan founded Mercurial Visions with AnnMarie and Nancy, they had little more than hope and energy. Below is a collection of CD artwork, articles and the like from the four years they were together 1988-92, starting with:


From 1988, their self-titled EP Mercurial Visions (they recorded, mixed and distributed it)

From 1989, their breakout CD, Joie de Vivre, on Wax Trax! Records


The review of their first ever performance at the Sound Kitchen 7/20/88 from the Chicago Reader:

See Them Before They Vanish

A Review of Joie de Vivre in the Chicago Tribune 1/18/1989

Joys of Love, Loss, and Clubs

Some ideas for sharing A Perfect Blindness through this link.

Join the Mercurial Visions/A Perfect Blindness Adventure today for exclusive outings to the way things might have been or might yet be, walking alongside people as they strive after dreams, fight back at disaster, struggle with demons in both themselves and othersOnce on board, you’ll get first class tickets for every agon and tempting glimpse. How often, about once a month. 

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A Mercurial Visions Release, from Interzone Publishing
A Mercurial Visions Release
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