The Sounds of A Perfect Blindness

In A Perfect Blindness, it’s always the late 1980s-early 90s

Travel back to Chicago with short trips to Columbus, Ohio, including nights out in a mix of bars long gone, invented clubs, and a few establishments that have survived the decades.The music is mainly synthpop and industrial, usually danceable, a blend of bands you’ll remember, other maybe not, and glimpses of Mercurial Visions, the band that never was, but you might wish had been.In the A Perfect Blindness Playlist, listen to all the songs, or cuts from CD or albums, listened or danced to, or whose lyrics were spoken, thought of or bent into the shape of descriptions, including the ones that inspired Mercurial Vision’s own songs in the novel. Roughly in order. Sixty-two songs from Depeche Mode, Joy Division, the Sisters of Mercy and Wax Trax Records’ artist RevCo, A Split Second, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Mistry, plus the Boomtown Rats, the Eurythmics, Terminal White and more.

For the sights of the sounds of what was on MTV and showing on the screens in the clubs back in 88 to 91, indulge in the YouTube list here.

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Songs of Love, Lust and Loss

Songs of Love, Lust and Loss featured in the Novel “A Perfect Blindness”. Available on Amazon in softcover and ebook here>

2350 Last Call: The Neo Story

The official Unofficial sounds of Neo from the Documentary 2350 Last Call, one of the venues featured in A Perfect Blindness.

Two documentaries about the time and place:

Industrial Accident: The Story of Wax Trax! Records

2350 Last Call: The Neo Story

A couple of clips of Front 242 late 2017:

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