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White Nationalism Moves Republican Mainstream in Montana


Montana Republicans Warmly Embrace a White Nationalist’s Legislative Candidacy

One of many examples of White Nationalism moving from the fringe to the mainstream through the Republican party:

The nice clean cut boy from a small town in Montana, winning the support of the local and state Republican party, yet

“[w]hat many voters may not realize, however, is Taylor’s long history of deep involvement with the white nationalist movement, and the dangerously bigoted worldview he has promoted since his teenage years –– a history well documented by the SPLC and the Anti-Defamation League in the years leading up to his campaign.”

“[T]he GOP’s embrace of Rose is taking place in the broader context of a national Republican party that has nominated Donald Trump, whose own alliances with the radical right have radically altered the nation’s political landscape.”

“The political environment has clearly shifted when there is mainstream party acceptance and grooming of someone with well-documented white supremacist activity in recent years.””

Here he is the fresh face of the new extreme Right. Not grandpa’s hood-wearing KKK, but the rebranded white supremacy known as Alt-Right. He worked “[…] on behalf of the white nationalist Youth for Western Civilization […], appear[ing] at a YWC-sponsored “March for Freedom” in Cologne, Germany. He also met with members of Vlaams Belang, the far-right Belgian political party, and members of German organizations designated by authorities there as “right-wing extremist.””

“Rose also authored a book in 2012 titled Return of the Right: How the Political Right Is Taking Back Western Civilization. […]The neo-Confederate hate group the League of the South interviewed Rose about the book when it came out. During the interview, Rose continued to warn of the evil nature of “the Left” and predicted that a white nationalist Right would soon rise to the fore in global politics”

Recently, “Taylor […] discuss[ed] his candidacy with a “Montana Sovereign” banner proudly displayed behind him – referencing his apparent involvement in the far-right sovereign citizens movement as well.”

“In a recent interview in the Flathead Beacon, Rose denied that he was a racial supremacist and focused on defending the traditional cultural values of Western Civilization, [words that are] often used with other code words such as “cultural identity” and “racial chauvinists” to disguise […] racism, arguing that white people face rampant discrimination at the hands of multiculturalism.”

“[A]ccording to Rose, the national debate ‘could change from amnesty to deportation and from multiculturalism to nationalism.’”

“He’s a member of a Facebook public group called Monarchists, which “exists for the purpose of civil discussion between monarchists and those interested in monarchy as the ideal form of human governance.””

“Rose also conducted an interview in April with the “Patriot” movement website NorthWest Liberty News’ weekly podcast (though the link for that interview appears to be broken).

“Rivas said that Rose’s embrace by the GOP represents an unfortunate evolutionary shift in the state’s politics, in which such extremists, always present in the background, had typically been relegated to the fringe.

““In previous years, the Montana Republican Party distanced themselves from candidates like Rose who had ties groups like the Klan and National Socialist Movement,” she said. “The times have changed. The efforts by the Alt-Right to put a nice suit on their racism may be viewed as effective in this case. And, while Rose’s views seems aligned with the Richard Spencers of the world, his vision isn’t so different than April Gaede’s Pioneer Little Europe.”

No longer with the hater in chief still on the GOP ballot.

The Real Zombie Apocalypse

RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! The un-thinking have come to eat your brain

We’re no longer talking about the guy in his wife-beater regurgitating white pride memes to his family at a dinner table. Nor a group of buddies at the local bar venting about how they have to get us back good old days. Nor a lone pamphleteer scribbling that FEMA is really a secret UN organization of international communists who want to force everyone to cross-breed to eradicate racial discrimination.

No, we’re talking the wholesale abandonment of fact, evidence, and expertise for the Cult of Gut: “I don’t care what the facts are: I know it’s true. My gut tells me so,” leading to a time when a celebrity can tweet that the earth is flat and get any response other than derision.

A time when people start dying of measles in the US again (where it was eradicated in 2010).

When government employees demand special privileges to refuse issuing marriage licenses and business owners can forbid employees’ access to complete medical insurance simply for worshiping the ancient sky god of illiterate desert nomads.

To when a major party’s candidate for president of the United States can vomit naked bigotry, and then point to the number of likes and re-tweets he gets as further proof it’s true because it affirms what he feels is true—“I just know it.”

Yes, bigotry has been around since there has been an Us and Them. Willful ignorance has plagued us since Conventional Wisdom gave humans an easy way to avoid the work of thinking or the trouble of changing. Prideful stupidity has clogged thinking since one guy learned that shouting louder than the other guy can win an argument regardless of who is actually right.

But, the Enlightenment gave us the tools to keep these social cancers, more or less, in check. The tools acted both as a shield from these treacherous diseases of thoughtlessness and as vaccination against contracting them in the first place.

If and when we use them.

Here in the US, these tools had been showing real promise, especially in the twentieth century—once herd immunity started working—though not perfectly and certainly not everywhere equally. At least in public, those infected with the diseases of mindlessness were not taken seriously and mostly left to wallow in their own medieval imaginations, impotent to spread their infection, with McCarthyism an ominous exception.

But ever since I was old enough to care about such things—roughly when Ronald Regan was first elected—I’ve watched as the infected have crawled out from hiding. Worse yet, they started appearing on national TV and in mainstream print,

shibboleths dripping from their lips,

memes where their minds once were,

carrying a contagion that kills humanity’s greatest asset: the ability to think.

Crushing evidence under their many thousands of mindless feet, the infected thoughtless carry pre-form realities with them. These do not depend on what could be seen or shown, only on what someone believes is right.

Contrary facts are dismissed or twisted to fit these private worlds. They brought moral panics to spread their disease, such as the nationwide terror of satanic ritual abuse of children, fears that games of imagination were actually devil worship, and confidence that making the rich richer helps the poor by trickling money down to them: the Voodoo economy of the Invisible Hand of the Market guided by True Belief. It feels right, so it must be right—one has only to believe strongly enough to make it real.

Regan’s Neocon revolution was the first wave of the actual zombie apocalypse, and they fed on mind after mind.

And it’s only gotten worse as the infected have hauled their gut trusting anti-Intellectualism into the mainstream.

It won elections.

It defeated people who knew things.

Decimates facts.

It now appears regularly on network news, in major newspapers, and in the mouths of political figures

the zombies are taking over.

This should worry the hell out of everyone, and frankly, piss more of us off. Yes, us: we who share Enlightenment values like

  • individual liberty
  • progress
  • tolerance
  • ending the collusion of church and state.

We who value using reason, empiricism, and scientific rigor, and who reject received truth: truth with a capital T, the absolute, unalterable truth, which past Zombie masters have always twisted to fit their needs.

One Candle in the Darkness will test drive ideas to fight off this mass brain death.

Not to cure the infected, as that won’t happen, at least not often enough to be worth spending the time and energy. Why? Because the irrational cannot be reasoned with, and the faithful cannot be swayed by facts contrary to what they already believe: they will accept only evidence that fits their own personal realities.

Our goals must be different:

  • quarantine the brain-dead
  • inoculate the vulnerable
  • rescue the not too far-gone