Libraries, Levels, and the Readercon

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Got swamped last month with helping my son choose a college. Fourteen acceptances. Only one place he can attend. And with his current major, medicine, blended with law and perhaps politics, he’ll need grad school. That helped choose— a state school—SUNY Binghampton, with their “Source Project,” a first-year honors program. 

That done, it’s back to more writing and letting more people know about my books. 

A Perfect Blindness and Libraries

Now, when A Perfect Blindness launched, I landed an interview on a show run by a librarian in the Queens Public Library system. He arranged for my book to be bought by the QPL. About that time, I’d found a world catalog of libraries. I searched for A Perfect Blindness, and lo, my book was in the QPL, but seven others as well. Downstate Illinois, Netherlands… and I was gobsmacked. I did nothing to get this. In retrospect, it might have been the write-up in Kirkus Review. Librarians take that magazine seriously. 

Anyway, after a long hiatus of active outreach for APB, I’ve finally gotten the last few things in place and will be gearing up to let people know about the book.

For kicks and giggles last week, I checked World Catalogue again. The book is now in 11 libraries! Boston Public. Los Angeles Public. One in UAE, of all places. So, if you want to take a look, and have a Boston or LA library card, check the book out. Literally. (Helps keep APB alive in their system and avoid being culled.) A partial list of US locations right here:

Screen shot of Libraries with "A Perfect Blindness" in them. 3 closest to me
The Top 3 of the 11 total locations
The 5 Libraries closest to me

By the way, if you haven’t read it and want a copy of your very own, give me a shout! I have a few extra Advanced Reader Copies. Just write me a comment and ACR in it. We’ll talk. 

Now, I did just send a package off to the Brooklyn Public Library and sent a request to purchase to Chicago Public Library. We’ll find out about those in some number of weeks. I’ll let you know. 

AND, I have a reading for APB coming up in August. More details on that soon!

Levels of Story

As for The Book of Visions and its sibling Walking the Darkmaker’s Way, both are slogging along, though most of the direct work is on WtDMW. After the revelations of how much stuff I have already, I’ve been working only on finishing up a rough draft of WtDMW. Part of the drive to the finish was creating a spreadsheet with each level of story laid out to make sure I let the reader see each thing they need in proper order. This has allowed me to unclog my mind: instead of trying to remember what has to be revealed when it’s all on an Excel sheet. Now comes the writing of new bits and weaving those together of parts already written. 

Lastly, I got permission (from wife) to go to a writer’s convention. ALONE! 😉

The Readercon in Boston.

It’s more for writers versus fans, so no cosplay and rather more wonky panels and presentations, but I’m extra cool with that. Need to meet more folks in the fantasy biz. Perhaps agents… who knows.

So, that’s it for this time. I hope to have more good news soon. Cheers.

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