On Sale Now

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The Softcover version of A Perfect Blindness is on sale starting today on AMAZON.com. Click here.

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  1. Ivan says:

    Congrats!! FB got me btw….a few days after talking to you I got an email..”We thought you might have reconsidered, so we didn’t ACTUALLY delete you as requested, we held on to it and well, we just miss you so much, as do all of THESE people (includes names from inbox messages, friends and family asking why I haven’t checked in), so just log in like normal and let’s be friends again”. That’s hitting below the belt. But, things could be worse, so it’s a beautiful California day, and your book just came out! Shine on brotha!!

    • wlancehunt says:

      Thanks! It has been on heck of a slog, and now the hard part starts: getting people to read it. FB… it plays on our desires and needs: desires to know, need to be acknowledged, plus feeds us what we don’t need but kinda want with adds and trending news. Gets tricky when a program feeds you what you only vaguely acknowledge. Or even wish to forget. Enjoy that day, if your in SoCal, it’ll probably be the same today.

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