Self-Publishing Part 7: Testing the Author’s Reaction Time—Pass or Fail

by wlancehunt in Personal Narrative

Going it Mostly Alone: the Publishing Path of A Perfect Blindness

I had seven calendar days to complete this evaluation and send it back for consideration for Rising Star status. If it’s not back in that time, the Rising Star Board will not consider the book—end of path.

In other words, this assignment forced me to demonstrate (signal if you will) just how hard I’m willing to work, how deeply I’ve been thinking about the marketing, and if I can take advantage of sudden opportunities. As with the initial manuscript, I’d thought I had thoroughly explored all the possible angles and had developed these ideas well, but found that was far from true.

            Damn. Again.

Starting with the easy stuff, I filled in the first few questions with the material I’d been generating over the past couple of years, which made the long blank document look less intimidating. Then came the research: of my own notes, of my social media presence, of similar books, of the people who might buy a book like that, and why. This was much harder than I thought. In addition to filling up the 12 pages of the Marketing Evaluation proper, I generated an additional five pages of ideas that expanded beyond A Perfect Blindness proper to me as a writer more generally, and how that can drive traffic to and interest in the book. What I’ve learned is the writer’s platform.

Two days before the deadline, I got a reminder that I have only until October 27th to be considered.

By then, I was nearly done and delivered it the next day.

Then I waited, yet again: Until the next Special Recognitions Board meeting, which happens as need be. Fortunately for me, that would be in early November.

On Nov. 3rd, I got this in an email: “We are pleased to inform you that you have been chosen for the prestigious iUniverse Rising Star designation.”

Now, the real help and the real work begin.

Question: how do other writers deal with the ups and downs: the anticipation realized, only to find another hill, even mountain to climb?

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