Self-Publishing Part 10: The Launch Nears and a Forgotten Service

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Going it Mostly Alone: the Publishing Path of A Perfect Blindness

Starting in March , the month before the launch, I’d begun writing a long essay, describing all the steps I’ve taken with A Perfect Blindness from my initial decision to self-publish, through getting onto the Traditional Publishing Path, each round of editing and all secondary paths and distractions along the way to getting the Rising Star designation and then a few tentative paragraphs about the Star designation, including various misunderstandings, issues, bumps and ego strokes. But, I included some factual items that I only surmised, so I was able to convince my Rising Star contact to look it over to answer the questions I had about how iUniverse worked, such as the percentage of people who get whatever level of designation. While she looked over what was to become the main thrust of this blog, I went back over my own route to make sure I didn’t miss anything along the way to include later in the blog. Read More

White Nationalism Moves Republican Mainstream in Montana

  Montana Republicans Warmly Embrace a White Nationalist’s Legislative Candidacy One of many examples of White Nationalism moving from the fringe to the mainstream through the Republican party: The nice clean cut boy from a small town in Montana, winning the support of the local and state Republican party, yet “[w]hat many voters may not realize, […]

The Real Zombie Apocalypse

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the infected have crawled out from hiding and even appearing on national TV and in mainstream print, shibboleths dripping from their lips, memes where their minds once were

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