Part 3: Changing my mind about self-publishing: Signaling con’t further

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if a publisher gets behind a book, it has to make absolutely sure it really is that good:

Going it Mostly Alone

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iUniverse and the publishing path of the novel A Perfect Blindness Part 2: Changing my mind about self-publishing Cover proofs went to production Tuesday as planned, but a new concern bubbled up—about lyrics and fair use. When going over the proofs, I realized I had misremembered the lyrics of a song that was playing on a dance floor […]

What the Great and Powerful Oz tells us about The Donald: or How a Carnival Showman Rides an Angry Talking Head to Power

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Near the end of Dorothy’s long journey in the Land of Oz, she and her companions improbably return before the Great and Powerful Oz carrying the burnt remains of the Witch of the West’s broom, proof that they succeeded in the Herculean task he’d set for them. He tosses off a quip about liquidating her […]

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