Zen of eBook Formatting:

by wlancehunt in Writing Now

A Step-by-step Guide To Format eBooks for Kindle and EPUB

The subtitle says it all. This excellent book is a guide to transforming a manuscript, step by small step, from whatever software you created it in and turning it into an eBook format that will look good on just about any device out there.

For indy writers who really want to take control of the whole process of moving their words from whatever word processing program (MS Word, Scrivener, you name it) and shaping it into an eBook, in most any popular format, from start to finish, this is THE book.

Maximum control

I’m talking control down to the individual character level, using named entities (not even Geeks can agree on what that means, exactly), to instruct whatever reading software whether to allow a line break or not after m-dashes and ellipses and more.

CSS & HTML without being a coder

Not for technophobes, the reader is expected to get elbow deep in CSS and HTML. You don’t have to be a coder: all the code is in the book, but you need to be okay with < I > and other fun things.

I used it to re-publish my novel A Perfect Blindness on Amazon, as well as create ARCs in Mobi, epub, and PDF.

Guido Henkel walks you through MS Word or Scrivener (what I write on now) to TextMate to Calibre. Other options are suggested and discussed briefly. But this ain’t Vellum. This is hands dirty, grease up to your elbows control. Feels great to know that mainstream publishers get a lot of this wrong, and you don’t have to.

If you want to make sure your book looks right when people read it. Down to the shape of your apostrophes, this is THE book.

I’m not getting paid. Not by Amazon nor Mr. Henkel. This is me talking about how much I got into this book. Reconverting my book from PDF to MS Word, TextMate, Calibre to KDP took a long time, but my novel is 129,000 words, so there was a lot to work on.

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