The Interzone, a place of many faces, each with different rules and the porous boarders between. Here fiction, non-fiction, wine and found art.

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Novelist, sommelier, collector of street art, and dabbler in ideas relating to scientific revolution.

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Cover of soft bound version of A Perfect Blindness by W Lance Hunt

A Perfect Blindness: A Rock'n'Roll Fantasy

“Littered with cigarette butts, vodka bottles, and a dead body, A Perfect Blindness is a grunge rock fantasy[,] an escape story ideal for those who still live out their rock star dreams whenever they close their eyes.” —Clarion Review “smartly written and sharply atmospheric— a worthy […] addition to the literature of rock ‘n’ roll’s […]

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label from Skeleton Grüner Veltliner

Tradition, Terroir, and Rieslings: Why Dirt Matters

by wlancehunt in Alsace, Argentina, Australia, California, France, Germany, Italy, New York, New Zealand, Red, Self Publishing, Sicily, Spain, White, White Wine, Wine

Tradition, Terroir, and Rieslings: Why Dirt Matters—wine and food grow up together

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Truth to Power Interview airs 4/5 @ 9 am

by wlancehunt in A Perfect Blindness, Marketing, Self Publishing

An interview with me, talking about A Perfect Blindness, how and why I wrote it, Chicago back in the day, and other assorted ideas related to writing, novels, and the nature of truth will air on Radio Free Brooklyn, Thursday, April 5th. Vijay Ramanathan is with W Lance Hunt at Radio Free Brooklyn. 19 hrs · Brooklyn, New York Author of […]

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Some of the Venues, Pt. 1

by wlancehunt in A Perfect Blindness, DVD extra, Marketing, Self Publishing, Venue

As more than one reviewer has commented that the level of description and attention to detail in A Perfect  Blindness makes it stand apart.   […] Hunt successfully conjures the story’s time and a place in masterful detail. An expansive historical novel that ably evokes its time and place. —Kirkus Reviews […] packed with references to the streets […]

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It’s survival in the City: Urban Art that has survived the years on the Streets of New York

by wlancehunt in graffiti, graffito, mural, New York City, Street Art

By its nature, Street Art doesn’t survive long. It’s ephemeral.

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Red wine filling a glass

High Wire Acts: Fine Mexican and Gewürztraminer Its All About Balance

by wlancehunt in Alsace, Argentina, California, Germany, Italy, Mexico, New York, Oregon, Red, Spain, Sparkling, Washington, Wine

Balance and how to be prepared for the wine decisions of the future, by studying Mexican cuisine now.

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close up of Carlos Gardel, Evita, Maradona on a Balcony in Caballito, with Rodan proportions—giant hands

Street Art from BsAs and NYC for Early June

by wlancehunt in Argentina, mural, New York, New York City, sticker, Street Art

Sights from a decade and a half ago in Buenos Aires, specifically the Caballito area, before returning to Manhattan in 2019.

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Connecting with the Reader to Sell Your first 1000 Copies.

by wlancehunt in A Perfect Blindness, Marketing, Self Publishing

But a fiction writer needs to adapt. This isn’t gospel: It’s a map, with lots of options. 

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Mid-May Wine Romp “Damn Good Wine”

by wlancehunt in Argentina, Austria, California, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Italy, Red Wine, Spain, White Wine, Wine

Inexpensive wines make up the bulk of most people’s wine drinking. But reasonable doesn’t have to mean boring.

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Jimmy, Janice, and Jerry: with Stars in Their Eyes

by wlancehunt in Argentina, Brooklyn, California, Los Angeles, moving art, mural, New York City, San Francisco, sculpture, Street Art, trompe l'oeil, Wax Trax Records

Finishing up a few examples of left coast street art before hopping back to Brooklyn and finding oldies from BsAs.

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Mural of the 3 Bridges BKN 2 Manhattan

Trolling Brooklyn & LA for Street Art

by wlancehunt in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, mural, Self Publishing, stencil, sticker, Street Art

Street art in Brooklyn and LA: bootstrap/guerilla vs. polish & paid, two cities’ vibes in stickers, stencil and murals.

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Label from bottle of Ca Roule? Beaujolias 2016

A Mix of Club and Local Gets

by wlancehunt in California, France, Italy, New Mexico, New Zealand, Red Wine, Sparkling, White Wine, Wine

I’ve had a odd relationship with wine clubs over a lot of years, mostly ending up with my cancelling each one in turn and not wanting to sign up again. To any club. Ever. But wine clubs seem to have matured over the past couple of decades, and I’ve read there is a renaissance in […]

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Label from bottle of Gurjaani Rkatsiteli Qvevri Wine 2018

Wine Romp with An Ancient School Georgian Wine

by wlancehunt in California, Chile, France, Georgia, Germany, New Zealand, Portugal, Rosé, Spain, White Wine, Wine

The Georgian Qvevri method of making wine goes back to the 2nd or 3rd millennium BCE, long before Rome was even an Etruscan village and Burgundy was, well, just another spot of land in what would eventually become the Duchy of Burgundy in the Frankish Kingdom.

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