The Interzone, a place of many faces, each with different rules and the porous boarders between. Here fiction, non-fiction, wine and found art.

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Cover of soft bound version of A Perfect Blindness by W Lance Hunt

A Perfect Blindness: A Rock'n'Roll Fantasy

“Littered with cigarette butts, vodka bottles, and a dead body, A Perfect Blindness is a grunge rock fantasy[,] an escape story ideal for those who still live out their rock star dreams whenever they close their eyes.” —Clarion Review “smartly written and sharply atmospheric— a worthy […] addition to the literature of rock ‘n’ roll’s […]

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Groovie Mann and What’s in the Wings

by wlancehunt in A Perfect Blindness, Personal Narrative, Self Publishing, Writing Now

Hey there, It has been a while. Not because I’ve been hiding, or running about entertaining myself to death. I’ve been working and will have announcements on that work soon. (Two hints: when the text gets prepared for uploading to Kindle Direct Publishing, the entire text must be reworked even if it’s already been published? A tagline I’ve been […]

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Truth to Power Interview airs 4/5 @ 9 am

by wlancehunt in A Perfect Blindness, Marketing, Self Publishing

An interview with me, talking about A Perfect Blindness, how and why I wrote it, Chicago back in the day, and other assorted ideas related to writing, novels, and the nature of truth will air on Radio Free Brooklyn, Thursday, April 5th. Vijay Ramanathan is with W Lance Hunt at Radio Free Brooklyn. 19 hrs · Brooklyn, New York Author of […]

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Squinting like Blondie

by wlancehunt in A Perfect Blindness, Marketing, Self Publishing

“Of course,” Scott says. “Your life as performance art.”             The night only gets worse. Sean walks out as soon as he closed up his bass’s case and picked up its stand. Marsha demands we drop of her drum kit at her house and won’t stay. Breaking down with only two of us is a […]

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Mercurial Visions Memorabilia

by wlancehunt in A Perfect Blindness, DVD extra, Marketing, Self Publishing, Soundtrack

Memorabilia from early Career Mercurial Visions

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Some of the Venues, Pt. 1

by wlancehunt in A Perfect Blindness, DVD extra, Marketing, Self Publishing, Venue

As more than one reviewer has commented that the level of description and attention to detail in A Perfect  Blindness makes it stand apart.   […] Hunt successfully conjures the story’s time and a place in masterful detail. An expansive historical novel that ably evokes its time and place. —Kirkus Reviews […] packed with references to the streets […]

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Relentlessly Helping People Who Would Enjoy *A Perfect Blindness* Find It

by wlancehunt in A Perfect Blindness, Marketing, Personal Narrative, Self Publishing

There is a lot of advice for new authors. Books. Blogs. Newsletters. All overflowing with advice. A riot of tips, strategies, and essential to-dos. One of the most common is to blog. To be relentlessly helpful. To offer tips, strategies, and best practice to-dos for the potential audience for your book. To give it away […]

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Mid-May Wine Romp “Damn Good Wine”

by wlancehunt in Argentina, Austria, California, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Italy, Red Wine, Spain, White Wine, Wine

Inexpensive wines make up the bulk of most people’s wine drinking. But reasonable doesn’t have to mean boring.

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Jimmy, Janice, and Jerry: with Stars in Their Eyes

by wlancehunt in Argentina, Brooklyn, California, Los Angeles, moving art, mural, New York City, San Francisco, sculpture, Street Art, trompe l'oeil, Wax Trax Records

Finishing up a few examples of left coast street art before hopping back to Brooklyn and finding oldies from BsAs.

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Mural of the 3 Bridges BKN 2 Manhattan

Trolling Brooklyn & LA for Street Art

by wlancehunt in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, mural, Self Publishing, stencil, sticker, Street Art

Street art in Brooklyn and LA: bootstrap/guerilla vs. polish & paid, two cities’ vibes in stickers, stencil and murals.

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