The INTERZONE, a place were alternate pasts meet improbable futures, adorned by Public art, lubricated by wine, sprinkled with intriguing ideas as hosted by W. Lance Hunt, experienced guide to other worlds. Your Passport awaits.

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A Perfect Blindness is packed with music from Wax Trax Records and the clubs of the late 80s and early 90s Chicago.
The full playlist of the 150 plus music references with links to Apple Music, Spotify, 8tracksradio, and YouTube to listen or watch along, available now for free.



About W. Lance Hunt

Novelist, sommelier, collector of street art, and dabbler in ideas relating to scientific revolution.

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Cover of soft bound version of A Perfect Blindness by W Lance Hunt

A Perfect Blindness: A Rock'n'Roll Fantasy

“Littered with cigarette butts, vodka bottles, and a dead body, A Perfect Blindness is a grunge rock fantasy[,] an escape story ideal for those who still live out their rock star dreams whenever they close their eyes.” —Clarion Review “smartly written and sharply atmospheric— a worthy […] addition to the literature of rock ‘n’ roll’s […]

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UncuttArt, and a Sampling of NYC’s StreetArt

by wlancehunt in Brooklyn, graffiti, mural, New York City, Self Publishing, stencil, sticker, Street Art

Street art is ephemeral. The building can be torn down, other people can tag it, weather, fires, and a host of other things can damage, destroy or efface this work. But as “Beyond The Streets,” the moving street art exhibition showed, even the pieces that have vanished are worth a look.

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Red wine filling a glass

Oenotria—Italian Wines with Italian Food

by wlancehunt in California, France, Italy, New Zealand, Red, Red, Red Wine, South Africa, Sparkling, White, White Wine, Wine, `Wine

The ancient Greeks called Italy “Oenotria” the land of wine. WIth over 350 regions and over 500 native wine grapes, this should surprise no one.

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It’s survival in the City: Urban Art that has survived the years on the Streets of New York

by wlancehunt in graffiti, graffito, mural, New York City, Street Art

By its nature, Street Art doesn’t survive long. It’s ephemeral.

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