Self-Publishing Part 8: Finishing Preparing for Publication

Going it Mostly Alone: the Publishing Path of A Perfect Blindness

It’s now, at the level of Rising Star, that real institutional help kicks in. Which makes sense: the publisher finally knows it might actually make money selling the book, so they put more of their own money and time behind the book. Read More

Self-Publishing Part 7: Testing the Author’s Reaction Time—Pass or Fail

the Rising Star Board will not consider the book—end of path.

Self-Publishing Part 7: Testing the Author’s Reaction Time

These are the same question large buyers—bookstores and book clubs—ask when considering a book.

Self-Publishing Part 7: Before the Good Things Start, Unexpected Tasks

That deadline was in seven days: A week to submit a complete marketing analysis and plan.

This was completely unexpected.

Self-Publishing Part 6: The Judgement

We will not move the project until we hear from you in order to make sure we have the correct version.

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