Out of the Blue: A Tale of Perseverance Part Two

by wlancehunt, November 18, 2023 in 9-11, Personal Narrative, resilience

When the world turns upside down in an instant, where do you go from there?

A Tale of Perseverance Part One

This past year has been full of bad and then worse news, and to balance this onslaught, I want to bring back a story of survival: a year after 9-11 in NYC. We survived that. We will make it through this. (Adapted from, vol 26 The OHIO STATE Alumni Magazine, September 2002) After “the Event” A […]

My Small Story

by wlancehunt in 9-11, Personal Narrative

On the street, we walk, the survivors. Along side us are the workers of the fish market, in boots, jeans, t-shirts, aprons. I ask where the ferry is.
“Back in hell. Just turn around, and hang a left in the middle of hell.”

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