A Tale of Perseverance Part One

This past year has been full of bad and then worse news, and to balance this onslaught, I want to bring back a story of survival: a year after 9-11 in NYC. We survived that. We will make it through this. (Adapted from, vol 26 The OHIO STATE Alumni Magazine, September 2002) After “the Event” A […]

20 Years On

Scars makes sense for the body—stop bleeding, prevent an infection, protect the break—quickly—to keep us alive and then repair the harm as fast as possible. Gotta keep going after all. But, some scars heal up better than others.

Out of the blue
When the world turns upside down in an instant, where do you go from there?

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The armed troops and the ID cards are gone now, but low-flying planes are still unnerving.