Part 3: Changing my mind about self-publishing: Signaling

iUniverse and the publishing path of the novel A Perfect Blindness So, while self-publishers won’t publish anything, they will publish a book for whatever purpose the author wants. There are myriad reasons for publishing a book, from “sharing my story with family and friends”, and “expressing my deepest thoughts”, to “sharing information on a specialized topic”, […]

Part 2: Changing my mind about self-publishing Cont’ even further

What this money buys for a song or a book that would otherwise be lost in a blizzard of titles is the opportunity to get noticed, and if it’s as good as the publisher thinks it is, to sell.

Going it Mostly Alone

iUniverse and the publishing path of the novel A Perfect Blindness Part 2: Changing my mind about self-publishing Cover proofs went to production Tuesday as planned, but a new concern bubbled up—about lyrics and fair use. When going over the proofs, I realized I had misremembered the lyrics of a song that was playing on a dance floor […]

Agency Pt. 1—Neurology, the Temporal Lobe and the Self

With recent advancements in neurology, especially the ability to see, real time, what areas of the brain are activated when humans experience specific feelings, neurologists have shown that agency is active most strongly in the parietal lobe.

My Small Story

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On the street, we walk, the survivors. Along side us are the workers of the fish market, in boots, jeans, t-shirts, aprons. I ask where the ferry is.
“Back in hell. Just turn around, and hang a left in the middle of hell.”

How Mumbley-Peg and Bloody Knuckles Help Explain the Headlines, Pt 1

“pwn”, which a misspelling of own, and describes achieving such a major victory that one cannot help but gloat, such as defying essentially every political pundit who wrote a word about the 2016 presidential election from the Iowa Caucuses until 11:00 pm on November Eighth.


by wlancehunt in Self Publishing

There, I’ve done it: accomplished one of the items on my list, which is to restart One Candle in the Darkness with a post that hews to its original intent before the Hillary and Donald show derailed it.

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